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This is a summarized testimonial about the fact that pregnant women need physical and spiritual and psychological support in pregnancy.

I met Mrs Oni 15 years ago, we were not so close then but we got close in 2016 when we both worked at Ogbomosho.


I was pregnant in the year 2019 and around the 3rd month precisely, I experienced a serious abdominal pain which I thought would end the pregnancy.


I started feeling this pain from church but I felt it’s just a one-off thing and it will soon go away, only for me to get home and the pain tripled to the point I could not stand upright anymore. I started calling everyone around me including Mrs Oni. She didn’t pick, I guess she was also in church. Hubby was far away in Ibadan.


Fortunately my church members came so fast and with a car with which I was conveyed. When I was being helped to the car, Mrs Oni showed up, she saw me walking with my back bent and being held by two hefty people and was like ‘what happened’ ??? I could not even answer her.


She immediately followed another car to the hospital to join us.

While at the hospital, Mrs Oni stayed with me althrough till the point I was calm enough to be left. She helped me out with the test, buying of drugs and administration. After I had the analgesic, I got better. She stayed with me till very late reply n the night despite the fact that she had a daughter that is less than 2 years at home and she was even pregnant herself.


I mean, this is the greatest help one can offer a friend.

Another thing she helped me with was to make sure I got the book called ‘supernatural childbirth’. This book helped me through my pregnancy. Building my faith, positive confessions and all. To the glory of God the product of that pregnancy is now a year v”and 3 months.


With this personal experience I had with her in pregnancy, I can say Mrs Adesua Oni will be a very good supportive partner to you and your unborn child.

Mrs Tolani Ogunniyi