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Pregnancy Support Foundation

We are a social enterprise that seeks to attain world-class relevance in reducing maternal mortality and achieving a happy journey and safe delivery for pregnant women.
About us

At PSF, we empower all pregnant women with the knowledge they need to approach health care quickly.

Building a conglomerate that the Pregnant woman can always rely upon, spiritually, physically and psychologically.

Socially, we are also set out to provide a social environment where every pregnant woman feels loved and cared for.

We enable and ensure every pregnant women is enlightened about her pregnancy journey and therefore prevent avoidable conditions and complications.

Medical Outreach

Our medical outreach program is dedicated to providing essential healthcare services to pregnant women in underserved communities. Through regular health camps, we offer comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, including medical check-ups, ultrasound screenings, nutritional support, and educational workshops on maternal health.


We organize inclusive events for Women & Girls

Read What People Say About Us

Mrs Oni Adesua started the Blessed Impactful Motherhood Platform in April, 2020.
I joined the platform the same time it started though I met Mrs Oni about 1 year earlier than this. This was the first time and the only time we met in person but we have bonded as though we were sisters.

The group has helped me tremendously in every area of my Life to becoming a mega/multi woman.

Deborah Onumajuru
Ekiti state. Nigeria.

This is a summarized testimonial about the fact that pregnant women need physical and spiritual and psychological support in pregnancy.
I met Mrs Oni 15 years ago, we were not so close then but we got close in 2016 when we both worked at Ogbomosho.

I was pregnant in the year 2019 and around the 3rd month precisely, I experienced a serious abdominal pain which I thought would end the pregnancy…  Read more –>>

Mrs Tolani Ogunniyi

I’ve known Mrs Oni Adesua for many years and between last year and this year, you’ve really ‘wowed’ me, you seem to be involved in everything, and doing them well, impacting lives left right centre. I want to say that I’m really proud of you, please keep up the good work, breaking new grounds and taking territories.

Dr Deborah Olayiwola-Sadibo.b

Mrs Oni the mega woman.
I’d always known you from afar through my cliche of friends until I was finally added to the BIM group.
I was super excited that day I almost couldn’t get asleep.

Ever since I joined, the group had impacted me in multiple ways. Family, finances, spirituality, children upbringing, unending lovely gists that keep me glued to my phone for hours. Many more that I can not remember now.

Mrs Oni, you are one in a million. When I read all that you do at your marital age and status, I only marvel.
I sincerely enjoy your push and prayer for everyone on the platform. You carry every sisters on the platform for head like your personal problem.

God bless you for all that you do. You are truly a Megawoman!

Olotu Olaide
Lagos, Nigeria.

Mrs Oni helped me during my first trimester. She introduced me to the book, Supernatural child birth, ensuring I bought it and did the daily confessions.
The book went a long way in helping my faith and pregnancy journey.

At that time, we were both first timers, so what we did majorly was share with each other our thoughts and Joy’s as the pregnancy progressed.

The Blessed Impactful Motherhood (BIM) platform for me has been a place serious impact, despite being a free WhatsApp group.
I’ve learnt how to balance many aspects of my life and acquire new skill that will enable me to operate at that peak I’ve been aiming at.

I’ve learnt to be more serious with my spiritual life, pay more attention to my health and that of my family members.

I would say BIM platform is a place where women are modeled to be a correct Proverbs 31 woman.

Esan Wuraola

I have known Mrs Adesua Oni for about 17yrs now. I have always known you to be friendly, caring, confident, no-nonsense-person, always wanting to see the better side of another person.

But ever since I was added me to Blessed Impactful Motherhood(BIM), I have been able to see and experience other amazing talents Jehovah endowed you with.

You have found ways to use BIM to encourage me when am down, ease off stress when I am overwhelmed, enlighten me, help me to be acquainted with great women accomplishing great things and doing good deeds.

I might not be able to explain in details how you have used BIM to impact me, but know this, I AM HAPPY TO BE HERE, AMONG GREAT WOMEN OF PURPOSE.

Mrs Oluwadare Blessing.