The Amazing People Behind PSF

Meet Our Team

These are the awesome group of people that made this possible.

I am Adesua Oni.


A registered Nurse and a registered Midwife by specialty. These trainings were attained in the Prestigious University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.
I have had more than 10 years working experience and have worked with women all through my journey.


I have worked in the Private hospitals where there was minimal supervision,having to take multiple deliveries and work back to back over several hours.



Before I was employed under the federal government system, I have also worked in the state hospitals where the workload was enough to make a pregnant woman fall into premature labour.


I have experienced first hand what women go through when they are alone with no solid support system whatsoever to ensure she doesn’t break.



This has breed huge passion in me to do all I can to alleviate the suffering of other women around me.

Words of comfort at the perfect timing has been the singular solution to the unhappy states of thousands of women in the globe.


I was lucky my husband was on study leave during my first pregnancy. So we were together nearly throughout. He was a pillar of support from the beginning to the delivery room and even in the sensitive postpartum period.



Thereafter, I lived apart from my husband for over 2 years and in that period, I eagerly had to wait till another phone call to get the calming and strength I needed from him.



All the physical and spiritual support I had was my church. If the church input was not effective, I would have collapsed under the weight of being a civil servant, a fashionprenuer, a mother, a daughter, and a friend to many.


Many days, I had to climb upstairs to my neighbor and just talk.After the talking, we laughed, I get some release then come back into my apartment.



I have grown stronger and now I want to be a support plug for others too. I want to do this more because every time I do, I get more fulfillment. There is an overflow of peace when you have been able to connect others to hope or supply that hope.



From the dining room, helping women keep their meals down, to the delivery room rubbing contracting back muscles and helping women birth their precious bundles of joy, it’s been joy!

Yes it’s been a great deal of work, but still, it’s been joy.



I never planned to do this on a large scale but I had to yield when God began to unfold the idea inside me.


Right now, I can’t wait to work you through this period.

Adesua Oni
Founder PSF

Why you should grab this opportunity and let us serve you


For several years, I have watched women go through all kinds of suffering.


What I cannot stomach is watching a pregnant woman suffer. Whether it’s in the sun, in the rain or on a long queue.

Every pregnant woman needs rest and relaxation. Our society has already surrounded her with a lot of stress. There’s a lot of heat out there. She needs a place where she can get some respite. She needs a shoulder of support. she needs to be armed with all the necessary information and education she needs for survival and self-care.


Abraham Maslow hierarchy of Needs listed the need for love and belonging as one of the most important.


Pregnant women don’t need to go through daily stress with no experience hands to safely guide and support her.

These are days where many pregnant women and newly delivered women are getting more and more depressed and harboring suicidal thoughts.


Pregnancy Support Foundation is set out to put solid structures in place to support the pregnant woman physically (via health education), psychologically, spiritually and socially.

Mrs Onumajuru Deborah

I am a certified Nurse/Midwife who is passionate about women reproductive health and have been on the field for nearly a decade supporting women in achieving their reproductive health goals.


My passion is fueled by the unacceptably high maternal mortality in our country which I am committed to reducing.
In the past, have embarked on public enlightenment campaigns to create awareness on the danger our pregnant women face.


From my wealth of experience,I feel there’s is a gap in providing psychological support to our women who have this great task of going through the delivery process.


It is my hope that our intervention will lift up women out there,who go through excruciating pain,psychological trauma in the process of continuing the human race.

I have worked 10 years being under tutelage in psychology and presently at the Ekiti State University running my PhD programme.


Psychology is a core career with prospects that encompasses the facets of human endeavors.


My personal experience specifically along side other pregnancy-related cases that I have been opportune to come across spurred my interest in this very crucial aspect of womanhood with respect to psychology.


The mental health, stress, the various stages of pregnancy growth, the quality of life, presence of social support system, handling other family matters, coping skills in pregnancy, overall psychological wellbeing and fitness with lots more had created in me a special interest in proferring psychological answers to all questions women may have.


With the series of psychology cases that has been viewed and managed effectively at the University Teaching Hospital and Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Aro during my internship using standardized tests and psychology instruments, varying from personality tests, achievement tests, psychometric, through the use of assessment, research, training, teaching, consultation, diagnosis, and psychological intervention.

Mrs Kehinde Asunbo
PSF Administrator
Rachel Chidi

I am a blend of many things.
Let’s just say, I’m a Multipotentialite.


A graduate of Human Physiology with both first and second degrees from Delta State University, as well as the University of Ibadan.


Human Physiology as a discipline, connects science, medicine & health, and creates a framework for understanding how the human body functions, adapts to stress, physical activity, and disease.


I’ve always been passionate about helping and enlightening people to know more and be more.


Having led and been of support in different women communities, I am a staunch believer that women need support systems to thrive in this present day.


Women need to live their very
best lives, reach for the stars, and have all the help and support that they need to achieve all of their dreams.


I want to be always remembered for the impact I have made, the lives I have positively affected and the footprints I have left in the sands of time.


I hope that the community will go a long way to not just provide a social environment where women feel loved and cared for, but enlighten more women and help prevent avoidable conditions and complications in pregnancy.

Come join us today!

We enable and ensure every pregnant women is enlightened about her pregnancy journey and therefore prevent avoidable conditions and complications.