Breastfeeding Multiples

Breast feeding a baby is a herculean task as it is, but how about breastfeeding multiples?

I only read it in books and journals until I was a proud mother of a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Then I thought, Was I able to give equal attention to each of them? Will I be able to care and love them both?

Though, I was knowledgeable about the theoretics but practicalization is a whole different ball game. After a while, they began to do things in common: they breastfeed at the same time, they poop at the same time but they refuse to sleep at the same time.

 More interestingly is that they start to form their individual personalities right from when they breastfeed.

The girl is a little more considerate and tends to be patient, which she still is while the boy is the domineering and “I MUST GET IT NOW” type of baby. ( I am just teaching him about self control and patience).

Realistically, I  knew I needed help and I was not afraid to ask for it. And honestly, the help was helpful  as we were all able to care for them while I recovered from the rigors of birth( I had vaginal delivery by the way, that’s a story for another day) and I never felt inadequate in caring for my bundles of joy

Having a baby is a blessing but when you are blessed with more than one at a time, you are double blessed. Multiple birth mothers, please share your breastfeeding stories with us, we will love to hear from you in the comment section.

— Ajiwe Abiodun

A Content creator, Registered Nurse Midwife and Public health advocate

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