Balance Your Mind and Body

Have you ever visited your doctor with series of complaints and after the checkups and tests,he says there is nothing medically wrong with you?

Though, you still feel the symptoms of pain, fatigue, excessive thoughts and uncomfortable feelings, the doctors just gives you some pain killers and sends you home.

Most of these symptoms are Somatic symptoms. This simply means physical symptoms with no identifiable medical condition(s).

Literally, it means your mind and body are not moving at the same direction and at the same pace. In order words, your mind is doing so much that your body is overwhelmed, hence, the symptoms.

Ladies, mothers, women, we can relate right?

So what can we do?

  • Take a Pause: take a break, slow it down…..a well deserved leave, a vacation or just paying a trusted nanny to take care of the kids for 2hours just to have that “ALONE TIME”. Remember you are doing nothing but concentrating on yourself. A massage at the spa, a walk by the beach, window shopping, lunch with your girlfriends, spending a night being pampered in a luxury hotel…..the bottom line is BE INTENTIONAL to take a break.
  • Communicate your anxiety: Speak out, talk about your anxiety, let out your frustrations, let it all out, cry if you need to. Your can speak to yourself,yes,speak to yourself to TAKE IT SLOW. And be deliberate about it.
  • Seek help: Please seek help when and if you need to. As I recommend, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but it shows that you are human like everyone else. A talk with a therapist, help from a nanny, gist with a trusted friend….. Trust me, you will feel lighter, better alert and more optimistic to face daily challenges.

How else do you balance your mind and body? I’d love to hear from you.

— Ajiwe Abiodun

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